Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Hero

Isabella is a beautiful, intelligent, strong young lady who battles injustices against her fellow women. Her civilian identity is a cheerleader for the Brown Haired Sweethearts competitive team. There, she is a member of a squad that has won nationals three years in a row and has placed second or third the last three years at worlds. Whenever she hears of a damsel in distress, she becomes Bella, the women's rights warrior. She fights for the equal treatment of women in the workplace and at home. One of Bella's recent battles was against Dr. Macho, who believed that female doctors are inferior. She changed his mind when she, a brain surgeon herself, altered his temporal lobe, reversing his opinion. Bella also fights for ladies in abusive relationships. Abusive husbands don't stand a chance when Bella comes around. She has been known to knock out offending men before carting them off to jail. Bella's most important role is as a spokesperson for the Women in Politics organization. She speaks out against male supremest ideas and promotes women for public office. Rumors fly that Bella might run for President, that is, if she's ready to turn in her pom-poms. I look up to Bella and hope that one day young girls will be as inspired by me as I am by her.