Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sophmore Year-50% Complete

As we finish up our semester exams and shove our books under our beds until January 6th, undoubtedly everyone is ready for a break from school. These last few weeks have been pandemonium.

It is amazing to think that half of my sophomore year is over. In the last five months I have cheered at my very first high school football game, made it through marching band season without seriously injuring anyone with my flag (sorry Paige!), dealt with three AP biology teachers in the first month of school, and survived all of Mr. Sparks' Algebra II tests! And that doesn't even touch the social aspect of high school.

High School is much more fun than junior high. The freedom, opportunities, and people are all welcome changes. Our school offers so many extracurriculars that it's hard not to be busy. While the workload sometimes reaches ridiculous levels, I have yet to have a psychological breakdown.

I am actually a little sad thinking about how fast my high school experience is expiring. I watch as every day the milestones my friends and I dreamed of back in elementary school pass us by. I do not want to look back at this time in my life with any regrets, so I am going to continue to make the best of my sophomore year.


TD said...

very good post but you left one thing out... Ron C. lol

~caitlin11 said...

Yeah! How could I forget that?

Mrs. Gillmore said...

Nice to look back and have no regrets!