Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Rogue Maverick

Sarah Palin, self-proclaimed political maverick and the object of media scorn and ridicule, has certainly made a splash in the GOP.

While no one can deny the revolutionary path she carved in being the first female to run for the vice-presidency on the Republican ticket, it's time to realize that the girl is no serious politician.

From her comically repetitive campaign slogans to her familial controversies to her less than eloquent television interviews, Palin has not presented herself in the best light. Even in the early days of her candidacy, when her approval ratings reached 53%, some conservatives viewed her as a political liability. The McCain campaign's refusal of unscripted press conferences with the candidate and her indigence at the "gotcha" moments she fell into did little to dispel this feeling. Throughout the campaign, as Americans saw more and more of the true Palin, approval ratings dropped, and now, on an average of all parties, the former Alaska governor is disfavored.

While some Republicans root for the former Alaskan soccer-mom-turned-mayor-turned-governor to run for president in 2012, others bluntly call her a joke. Supporters warn not to underestimate the power of her "fan" base. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani called Palin "an exciting figure" and stated that the party "needs that kind of excitement." However, I question if an exciting personality, beauty pageant history, and the ordinary soccer mom voter base is enough to qualify a person for the highest office in our nation.

In two days, the book Going Rogue: An American Life by Sarah Palin will hit the shelves. Her publisher calls it the story of "one ordinary citizen's extraordinary journey." While Mrs. Sarah Palin definitely draws attention to the seemingly neglected GOP, is she truly a viable 2012 presidential hopeful? I think not.


Taylor H. said...

She's the biggest joke. Her fan base is composed of people that keep their Rebel Flag by their Bible.

Anonymous said...

You'll appreciate this: a few weeks ago I sang a special at church, with my hair pulled up, wearing my new squarish glasses. Afterward, a lady in church told me I looked like Palin!