Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Favorite Techie Tool

Of all the technology now integrated into our educational systems, my personal favorite is this, the blog. Mostly used for English assignments, the blog provides an outlet through which my thoughts can freely flow.

I love the freedom of my blog. My assignments, opinions, and ideas are published for the world. In my posts, I really feel that my "voice" is heard.

Another great aspect of blogging is the feedback. I can read other classmates' entries for ideas and they can comment on my work. My teacher can also let me know how she likes my writing.

In this era of instant, global communication, it seems the world is ever shrinking. Expressing myself through this blog is one way I use the astounding technological advances of today to enhance my education.


Thunders said...

that is tru. I just do not like to type. I like to let options flow.

Wildgrace said...

I totally agree with your feelings of blogging. I love blogging!