Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Perfect You Book Review

Have you ever thought that your life was in a downward spiral? In Elizabeth Brown's Perfect You, Kate Brown's sophomore year is not going as planned.

To start, her father quit his job at a software company to sell Perfect You vitamins because of a freak accident in which everything on his desk was broken excepting a vitamin bottle.

Her best friend Anna suddenly became popular over the summer and now can not find time in her schedule of cheerleading, perfect boyfriends, and pretty friends to even speak to Kate. What really bothers Kate is the fact that no one ever asks why she and Anna are no longer friends; they simply accept that the new Anna had no room left for Kate in her life.

Because of Mr. Brown's sudden career change, Kate's family is stressed. Her disapproving grandmother moves in, toting her checkbook, and Kate begins working at her father's vitamin booth in the mall to help cut the cost of employees.

Not everything is bad in Kate's life, though. Will, whom she has been in love with since her first day as a freshman, starts talking to her on his breaks from his job at the shoe store in the mall. After an encounter in the storage area behind the mall, Kate and Will develop a love-hate relationship.

If you've ever lost a best friend, you know how horrible it feels to watch her walk down the halls with her new posse. High school is tough and Elizabeth Scott's tale is both touching and wise. I recommend this book to anyone.

279 pages

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