Thursday, May 14, 2009

Animal Farm Review

George Orwell's Animal Farm, billed as a fairy tale, is anything but. In fact, it is an allegory of the Russian Revolution.

Pigs represent Stalin, Trotsky and Lenin. Horses and sheep are the proletariat. There are even dogs to portray Stalin's secret police.

In this tale of rebellion, betrayal, and irony, the animals overthrow their human master in hopes of establishing a land of freedom. However, greed and the lure of power get in the way, leading to a dictatorship more miserable than the animals could have imagined.

Orwell tells it like it is is this novel, not painting a picture of a harmonious utopia, but rather showing the true discontent of the public when authority gets out of hand.

This book sheds a different light on the Russian Revolution and provides a grim warning for all democratic societies. I enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone with an interest in protecting their freedom.

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