Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Days Of Sophomore Year

Wow! I can not believe that in two days I will no longer be a sophomore. My friends and I can't decide if this year went by fast or slow, and I can see it both ways. In some ways, this year has dragged on for eternity. For example, the homework assignments seem never-ending. But, when I think back to everything I have done in the past nine months, time has flown!

From cheering at high school football games and being in the colorguard of the BHS band, to basketball games and turning 16, I've been busy. The past two months of tryouts and elections have been hectic and crazy, but I'm excited for next year.

I don't expect a lot of change in becoming a Junior, except that I will no longer be part of the lowest class on the high school hierarchical ladder.

Although this year was busy, I know the next will be a blur. Among club responsibilities, cheering on the Pioneers and directing the band as drum major, I must also fit in a full schedule of classes-whew! I'm tired already!

But this is the life I choose, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Soon, it will be my friends standing at that podium, making speeches, and pulling off senior pranks. Here's to being one year closer to graduation!

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