Thursday, May 28, 2009

One More Sunrise

Michael Landon Jr. and Tracie Peterson's One More Sunrise is touching romantic novel-just the kind I like.

Landon's Christian view is promenient in this story of a marriage that takes the back burner to Joe Daley's failed dream of becoming a fighter pilot.

Joe, a crop duster and alcoholic, failed his medical exam and was denied the ability to fly for his country. He lives the the shadow of his older brother who died a war hero overseas. Constantly depressed or drunk, his irresponsibility irritates his high school sweetheart and wife, Meg.

An old school friend and son of the town traitor starts courting local farmers in an attempt to establish corporate farming in the area, but something's not right.

After Meg kicks him out and he nearly dies in a mysterious plane accident, Joe realizes he must change his ways to win her back.

Can Joe truly change, give up the alcohol, and get past his disappointment to recreate the romance of Meg's high school years? Read this book to find out.

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